From the recording Let Me Know (Sunset Remix)

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Tigers in a cage
Silently we’re circling
Like the planets do
Endlessly revolving
There’s a secret I can’t keep
Have to you let know it
Lightning waits to strike
In our darkest moments

You have to let me know

I’m in kinda deep
My cards are on the table
You have to let me know now
Just how you want to play it
I’d love to talk it through
Beguiling conversation
But words won’t really do
They’ll kill it all with reason

You have to let me know

Now you can see the picture
Don’t make me wait too long
Still waters run so deep
Don’t tell me that it's wrong
Or hide it all in silence
Like the others do
Now’s the time to say it
If you want it too
Let me know now
Let me know
Sha la la la la