1. Night Drive

From the recording Dream Sequence


Please fetch my coat now
I need to step outside
There’s a strange compulsion
That comes from deep inside
Sets my feet in motion
And cannot be defied
I’m controlled remotely
Until this urge subsides

Eyes open wide and staring
I feel like I’ve got wings
There’s a puppet master
Pulling at my strings
Demonic choreography
They say we have free will
But I’ll have to sleep on that
Je suis somnambule

See them in the cafes
On the busy streets
Standing at the crosswalks
Laughing as they meet
But I need disconnection
From this strange affair
This supernatural night drive
Is taking me nowhere

This city never sleeps
But it’s all I ever do
I’m going for a walk now
And try to think it through

My head’s on back to front
Like reeling from a punch
I’m just a puppet dancing
I won’t be home for lunch
Something came alive
As something in me died
I guess I need reprogrammed
My chip needs modified